The Missing Tooth

The Missing Tooth

Materials: Acrylic, vitreous enamel, sterling silver, copper, stainless steel.

Year: 2021

As the jewellery is always considered as a part of the outfit or decoration, this project is looking at how jewellery can make a change.

This project is inspired by the NSCAD peer support program. Students with mental health issues always need a listener, and it can be hard for them to ask for help.

From my own experience, having the tooth falling nightmare is a sign that my body tells me I am under pressure. I use the missing tooth as a signifier, which represents those who are having mental health issues.

The wearer of the missing tooth are those who need help, and whoever wants to offer help can wear the tooth pin.

The goal here is to help students ask or offer help without feeling pressured to take the step, as this piece of jewellery will speak for them.