This seashell form candle holder is designed in order to inspire the user to remember the
summer beach days. The synclastic forming method was used to create the shell form. Holes
were made on the body of the form, as when seashells get washed up on the beach. Heat
patina was applied as the finishing to show how I remember seeing the seashells shine and
reflect under the sunlight. A circular wooden bottom was used to balance the unstableness of
this organic shell forms from different perspectives.

Tumbling Tower Candle Holder

Materials: Brass, nickle silver, wood.

Year: 2020

Artist Statement:

This is made as a reminiscence of the memory of playing the board game Tumbling Tower with a special friend. The piece is movable, which allows the user to interact with it. 

Snow capped Sake Bottle

Materials: Copper, liver of sulfur, colour pencil

Year: 2020

Artist statement:

This sake bottle is inspired by a snow-capped mountain. The cap turns into a cup when the sake is served.