Kite Brooch

Kite brooch

Materials: Vitreous enamel, sterling silver, copper, stainless steel.

Year: 2021

Kite Brooch Artist statement

This brooch is an extension from one of my earlier Kite Ring, which was the first jewellery project that I have ever done at NSCAD University. I decided to do another Kite jewellery in the final year of my study.

Different from the single kite on the very first ring, in this brooch, there are 4 kites. Throughout my way of pursuing both an interdisciplinary design degree and a minor in Jewellery and metalsmith, I find myself owning so much more than before. I gained skills in the disciplines, I am spiritually wealthier, I built my network in the professions, and I made friends with whom I share the same passion. My life becomes colourful as being able to soak in the art atmosphere every day, and it still feels dreamy. So I used kites in the clouds as a metaphor. The gradation on the kites are offering the sense of being surrounded by the clouds, which response to the cloud shape pinback.

Even numbers are always being avoided in art as it’s harder to arrange them to look aesthetically beautiful. This was another challenge that my instructor offered to us, and I was glad to take it on.