Materials: Acrylic, sterling silver.

Year: 2021

artist statement:

After the first phase of researching the possibilities with laser cut and acrylic material, I was impressed by the use of colour acrylic. The transparent colour acrylic reminds me of a kaleidoscope, as they are always about bright colours, transparency, patterns. I added the components from another toy called “flying fairy”, in order to make this piece functional. By combining these components from the 2 toys, that’s fun+fun. And having it as an interactive piece I wish to pass the joy from childhood along to the viewer/wearer.

The top view of this piece will express the image of turning a kaleidoscope, and the rest viewpoints will show the sliding. I chose 2 transparent colours of acrylic. While expressing the illusion, 2 colours overlapping won’t block the light and take away the transparency.

Interactive jewellery always catches my eye and makes me want to try it on. I found out it’s even better if a jewellery piece moves while the wearer’s body is moving, which makes more sense to me as this is how jewellery is different from toys. In this project, I tend to have the movement possible from both sides: body gestures as an interesting jewellery piece, and intention to play it relates it back to the toy theme.